Aurora Borealis and the Perseid meteor shower, taken in Anacortes, WA. From Joel Askey Photos.

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I launched it in 2010 to resource Christian pastors, teachers, leaders, and individuals regarding in matters of faith. I broadened it in 2013 to add a Personal Finance section, designed to help people living in the U.S. manage their money. Also in 2013 I started the IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) section as a place to post wide-ranging items, primarily social and political content. To keep up with additions to this site, just subscribe to my email or RSS feed.

I also have a second site: Math Coaching. It describes our work helping limited-resource middle and high schoolers in west San Jose (CA).

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This site,, also offers a portal to some of my time. I'm available to serve Christian churches and non-profits through preaching, teaching and consulting. I also make time for individual spiritual inquiries.

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A snippet about Tim

In May 2010, I retired from 18 years as senior pastor of New Life Nazarene Church, Cupertino, CA. It is a church full of wonderful people. When I retired there were 3 different language congregations - English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. A Spanish language congregation joined in January 2013. Robin and I continue as members and regular attendees at New Life. If you are in the area and drop by, please look us up.

Prior to that, I spent 22 years in engineering and business management while actively involved in local churches wherever we lived: Ohio, New York, and (mostly) California. My secular career was in integrated circuit development at (mostly) National Semiconductor, and as Vice President of Operations through the startup years of Cadence Design Systems, an electronic design automation company.

As amazing as it seems, the same woman who married me in 1967 remains as my partner. Along the way, we raised 2 kids and now enjoy 3 grandkids.

For more, go to Tim's Bio.

Tim Isbell

Thanks for visitng my site

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  • More resources for Terminal Illness I posted a web page titled Terminal Illness in 2012 that unpacked 2 concepts that help people with a terminal illness, and their caregivers, deal with this situation. Then in ...
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The photo at the top of this Home page

Every few weeks I change the photo at the top of this Home Page. Sometimes it's a photo I took with my smartphone. Other times it's a photo from a friend, who is  usually a much better photographer than I am. 

The current one currently comes from Joel Askey, Robin's brother who lives in Anacortes, Washington. It's a meteor from the August 2015 Perseid meteor shower, against the backdrop of the Aurora Borealis. You can see more of his work at Joel Askey Photos.