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Thanks for visiting this site. It's my home on the internet and my personal filing cabinet where I store resources I use all the time, and which I make available for free to anyone with access to the internet.  

I launched the website in 2010 and began filling it with resource useful to Christian pastors, teachers, leaders, and individuals regarding matters of faith. In 2013, I began building the Personal Finance section, designed to help people manage their money through all stages of life. Also in 2013, I started the IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) section as a place to post wide-ranging items, primarily social and political content. You can receive notifications of additions to this site by subscribing to my email or RSS feeds.

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You can freely use any materials on this site (including attachments). Copy them for yourself or your organization. Please do not sell them. When you distribute them unchanged, please leave my name attached. When you change one of them to fit your application, it becomes your own, so please remove my name. If you think my contribution is significant to your finished product, you can give me an annotation of some sort - but this is not required. When you use my preaching or teaching materials, you do not need to credit me. Finally, if you own a website, feel free to point to pages on my sites.

This site,, also offers a portal to some of my time. I'm available to serve Christian churches and non-profits through preaching, teaching and consulting. I also make time for individual spiritual inquiries. And, I also occasionally do online premarriage counseling, especially for couples who live too far apart for personal counseling from one of their pastors.

For more, follow the link to What Tim Offers.

A snippet about Tim

In May 2010, I retired from 18 years as senior pastor of New Life Nazarene Church, Cupertino, CA. Robin and I continue as members and regular attendees at New Life. If you are in the area, please come worship with us. Most Sundays we hang around to chat.

It is a church full of wonderful people. When I retired, there were three different language congregations - English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. A Spanish language congregation started worshipping there in January 2013. 

Before the vocational ministry years, I spent 22 years in engineering and business management. During that time we were active in local churches in Ohio, New York, and (mostly) California. My secular career was in integrated circuit development at (mostly) National Semiconductor, and as Vice President of Operations through the startup years of Cadence Design Systems, an electronic design automation company.

As surprising as it seems, the same woman who married me in 1967 remains as my partner. Along the way, we raised two kids and now enjoy three grandkids.

For more, go to Tim's Bio.

Thanks for visiting!
Tim Isbell

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