Story Corner

This corner of my website is dedicated to stories from various places around the Alternate Kingdom. When I'm intimately familiar with the story I'll probably write it myself. But I'll also include "guest posts" written by others - perhaps including you.

So I'm looking for stories of how God is working in your corner of the world. The Story Corner will become a place where people come to browse for new ideas and encouragement, and where they can post ideas of their own. It is a place where many of you can praise the Lord by sharing your story. 

So, please take a look at first 2 entries in the Story Corner. One is a "guest post" written by Kevin Mayer. It describes a local church ministry he started: the Homework Club at Monterey Living Hope Church of the Nazarene (California). It's a nifty ministry among middle and early high school students. If 100 people read it, it will encourage all of them and 4-5 will give it a try. 

The second one is an interview of a pretty famous software developer: Larry Wall. This one is told in a YouTube interview form by Jonathan Schiefer. 

As you are checking these out I hope you will consider whether you may have a story to share, too. If so, use the Contact Tim link to send me a paragraph or two summarizing your story. I'll read it and decide it's a fit for the Story Corner. Then I'll get back to you and you can finish your writing. Don't worry if you're not an accomplished writer. I'll collaborate with you to get your story into an attractive format.



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