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The list to the right provides the titles of my Sermon Series, and the number of sermons in each series. Clicking on the series takes you to a snippet about that series. If the title of the series has a link, it will take you to an overview of the series where you will also find links to sermon notes, presentation files, and audio recording files. These series are also included as part of the Sermon Chart.

If you see a series that is listed, but there's no link yet to fully developed material, just contact me and I'll polish it up and send it to you.

Alternate Life Collection (various options)

If you've been following my site for long, you know that I use the term Alternate Life, Alternate Community, and Alternate Kingdom quite a bit. If you follow this Alternate Life Collection link, you will find a summary of the concepts behind everything in the series, as well as links to several sermons and ways to package them. 

Paschal Mystery: New Life & Spirit for Today (2)

The Paschal Mystery is central to Christian faith. It is a process of transformation where we, after undergoing some kind of death, receive new life and a new spirit. Designed as a two sermon series for Easter and Pentecost Sundays, it can easily fit into the calendar almost anywhere. While I developed this series a couple of years prior to The Alternate Life, it is a good sibling to it.

Resilient Life (2)

This is a Sermon Series based on Hebrews 12.1-4 that is designed to help people "finish well." All ages of people will hear these two sermons through their own filter, and I'm sure you'll discover that it speaks to all of them at a very practical and deep level. The concepts largely come from my experiences framed by material from Gordon MacDonald's book: A Resilient Life, and to a lesser extent from his book: The Life God Blesses. Both are great reads!

Simply Christian (2)

This is a short two sermon series based on material in N.T. Wright's Simply Christian. I preached it on Easter and the following week, but it can fit many other places in the calendar. It offers the congregation a profound grasp of Christian faith. 

Disputable Matters (3)

This is an original series, based primarily on scriptures from Paul's letters on how to live as a Christian in the gray areas of culture. It includes a lot of my personal experience living in these areas through 22 years of secular business and another 20 as a minister.

Managing the Gap (3)

This 3-sermon series is about the difference between our external expectations of ourselves and the internal reality of what is true about ourselves. The difference is the Gap. It exists in all of us, and it causes a lot of distress. 

The gap does not disappear when we become Christians, nor when God sanctifies us - even "entirely." If you're looking for some fresh material on entire sanctification, take a look at this series - especially the second sermon.

Good News for Everyone (3)

This three message series from Acts is based on three sermons by the Apostle Paul.

  1. Good News for Religious People is based on the Paul's Acts 13 sermon in Antioch of Pisidia.
  2. Good News for Simple Pagans is based on Paul's Acts 14 sermon in Lystra.
  3. Good News for Intellectuals is based on Paul's Acts 17 sermon in Athens. This is an original series.

The primary source material, other than scripture, comes from Contextualization in the New Testament, a book by Dr. Dean Flemming.

There is also a one sermon version of this material. You can find it at the Sermon Chart in Year A 6Easter, which is week A27, by the title of Good News for People Around Here.

Learning from Job (3)

This message series captures the essence of the book of Job in 3 sermons. If you're looking for something to address suffering and the "dark night of the soul" this series is worth a look. In the second sermon is a section on tips for counselors.

Job 1: When Tragedy Strikes

Job 2: When God Doesn't Show Up

Job 3: When God Shows Up

Lessons from Elijah, Ahab, and Elisha (3)

This sermon series unpacks the stories of two Old Testament heroes (Elijah and Elisha) and one Old Testament jerk of a king (Ahab). The stories unfold in many chapters, from 1 Kings 16 16 through 2 Kings 10. So if you preach them across 3 successive weeks it is an opportunity to engage your congregation in reading some great scripture as a catalyst for getting traction in their devotional lives. If you are a lectionary preacher, the best fit for the series is C Proper 4 through Proper 9.

The Prodigal (3)

Not yet posted. Based on The Prodigal by Henri Nouwen.

Courageous Living (4)

Original series on helping us identify the fears that impact our lives and how to live courageously in the face of these fears. It contains a lot of biblical materials as well as some psychology. My source for the psychology is Telling Myself the Truth by Chaplian and Backus.

Money Sermons (6)

Do you know the Bible talks about prayer 270 times? It talks about loving other people 370 times. It teaches how to use our money and possessions 2000 times! 

This link includes four sermons on money: a 2-sermon series and four stand-alone sermons. These sermons can fit almost anywhere in the Christian calendar. If you're a lectionary preacher, I've annotated the several places where they connect to the Revised Common Lectionary.

Powers of Darkness (4)

This is a very strong original series where the primary source material comes from Clinton Arnold's book: Powers of Darkness. I know it takes courage and some years in ministry before most of us are ready to preach this subject to a modern congregation. Indeed, I sidestepped it for 17 years before deciding that I simply must help our people understand it. So I prayed about it and sought the advice of some Christian college professors. My friend Dr. Dean Flemming, a classmate of Clinton Arnold at Aberdeen, suggested his book to me. I found it extremely helpful for building a theological and biblical understanding. The rest comes from my experience pastoring a multi-congregational church with many first-generation Christian parishioners from families with long histories in ancestor and other pagan worship traditions.

While the original series is 4 weeks long, I once needed to preach the main concepts in a single sermon. So, on this posting you will find both the 4 sermon series, and also the 1 sermon version.

Lectionary preachers: There is no perfect place in the calendar to connect all 4 of these sermons to 4 consecutive lectionary weeks. However, it's easy to connect any 1 of the sermons to a single week in the lectionary calendar, and then interrupt the surrounding weeks to preach the rest of the series. In my case, I connected it to the 2009 calendar for B Proper 13-16 because the final sermon in the series uses the epistle scripture for B Proper 16.

If you are looking for strong material on this challenging subject, you will find it in this series. 

A Study in Philippians (4)

This 4 sermon series has 1 sermon for each chapter in Philippians. Its foundation is material from Dr. Dean Flemming's book Philippians: A Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition. The first two sermons also make considerable use of REVEAL material from the Willow Creek Association. You could easily use these to preach a mini-series on spiritual formation or Christ-Centered Living. The third, Finding True North, can easily stand alone. It includes some of the always solid thinking of Timothy Keller. And the fourth, which also can stand along, focuses on Living Through Anxious Times.

This is a series, as a whole or in parts, that you can preach any time in the calendar. It also fits perfectly into the Revised Common Lectionary for Year A, Proper 20-23. For more on this series, click on A Study in Philippians.

Healthy Thinking (5)

This is a 5 sermon series on how to think healthy. It's based on Philippians 4.8 using a framework from Mary Whelchel's book What Would Jesus Think?.

  1. We Are What We Think
  2. Thinking what is True and Honorable
  3. Thinking what is Right and Pure
  4. Thinking what is Lovely and Admirable
  5. Renewing Our Minds

Renovation (5)

This is a 5 sermon series based on Dallas Willard's book: Renovation of the Heart.

  1. Renovation of Our Hearts
  2. Renovation of Our Minds
  3. Renovation of Our Wills
  4. Renovation of Our Social Dimensions
  5. Renovation of Our Souls

Desiring God (6)

Not yet posted. Based on Desiring God, Meditations of a Christian Hedonist by John Piper.

Lessons from the Book of Daniel (6)

Not yet posted. Original series. This series focuses on the first 6 chapters in Daniel.

Practicing Prayer (6) 

Based on material from Jim Cymbala, including using 5 video Prayer Stories from people at Brooklyn Tabernacle. Preached at New Life during Epiphany Year A in 2010.

Purpose Driven Life (7)

A short time after Rick Warren published The Purpose Driven Life he also made available extensive study materials for churches to use to teach this series in small groups. We did this at New Life in 2006. I had not planned to republish the series on this website, but the Mandarin congregation at New Life wanted to replay it in 2013. They asked for my preaching notes so they could use them in the class. So, since I'm making these notes available to them, I decided to post them on this website, too. Follow the link for more on this.

The 10 Big Ideas of Christian Faith (10)

Original series. Those of us who preach in the 3 congregations of New Life converged on our list of The 10 Big Ideas of Christian Faith. Then we collaboratively developed each idea in one sermon. We distributed the series over 2-3 years, synchronizing each one to a lectionary Sunday.

  1. Trinity – the Divine Team (Preached on Trinity Sunday)
  2. Go, Multiply – Sharing the Good News
  3. Incarnation – God Among Us (Preached during Advent)
  4. Sin – Distrusting God (Preached during Lent)
  5. Grace
  6. Salvation by faith
  7. It's God's initiative – History Is Going Somewhere.
  8. Kingdom of God on Earth
  9. Resurrection (Preached on Easter Sunday)
  10. Life in the Spirit (Preached on Pentecost Sunday)

Interactive Sermons on Living the New Life (14)

Original series. Each message focuses on a very practical topic, with room at the end for congregational interaction with the speaker. Topics such as quarreling, speech, modesty, humility, serving the needy, disputable matters, Sabbath-keeping, marriage/divorce, financial stewardship and tithing, sexual purity. Based on personal experiences gained through counseling and through teaching the church Membership Class. 

A tip for constructing your own series

It's also possible to use this site as a resource when you are constructing your own sermon series based on a particular book in the Bible. To do this all you need to do is gather a listing of all my posted sermons on the biblical book you have in mind. This is easy to do because the Sermon Chart is sort-able by every column, and it includes a column that lists the biblical book. For example, if you want to find all the sermons I've posted based on Romans, just sort on the Scripture column and they'll come out all together. As I post more and more sermons from the Revised Common Lectionary framework, the Sermon Chart becomes more and more robust in this regard.



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