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Purpose Driven Life

Page authored by Tim Isbell

Rick Warren published The Purpose Driven Life in 2002. Somewhere before 2006 he also made available extensive study materials for churches to use to teach this series in small groups. We did this series at New Life in the weeks immediately following Easter in 2006. We used it in all three congregations (English, Mandarin and Cantonese), but the notes I'm posting are just from the English service. 

I had not planned to publish this series at all because I figured that the original source material was already widely published. But when the Mandarin congregation at New Life decided to revisit this material in 2013 they asked for whatever notes I have. So, since I'm making these notes available to them, I decided to post them on this website for anyone else who may be interested.

Usually I have time to do substantive edits before I post preaching notes. But these are completely unedited because of the need to quickly make them available to the New Life congregation. You may see them improve a bit over the next few weeks as I try to do at least a quick edit. At some point I will get around to more extensive editing, at which time I'll convert them from Word to Google Docs. The Google Drive folder (below) contains the material I used back in 2006. The filenames begin with the date code I used for all my years of preaching: yymmdd. So 060425 means I preached it on April 25, 2006. If I can find a way to sort them better than you may see in the file below, I will do so. But for now... to view or download a sermon (or the associated PowerPoint file), just click on any link in the table below.


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