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Money Sermons

by Tim Isbell

This page contains links to 6 sermons on money. The left panel has a 2-sermon series; the right panel offers 4 stand-alone sermons.

Since money is one of my stronger content areas, these sermons include quite a bit of my own perspective on the Christian stewardship of money.

Money sermons can fit almost anywhere in the Christian calendar, though I tend to keep them away from the main Christian holidays. At the top of each sermon notes file I list the places where that sermon scripture appears in the Revised Common Lectionary.

In addition to sermons, here are additional links to more resources about money on this site. Some of these are good background reading for preachers; and some will be useful to parishioners.

  • Tithes & Offerings (In 2013 this was the second most visited webpage on the site, even though it has been on the site since early 2011. It's designed for parishioners and pastors.)
  • 6 Giving Pockets (This one is designed for pastors and Christian leaders.)
  • Stock Donations (Designed for churches interested in the mechanics of receiving stock donations, and parishioners who are thinking about donating stock shares in any form - or for that matter, who are thinking about donating any long-term appreciated item.)
  • Personal Finance (This is not a Christian resource, but it's very much on the topic of best practices for managing money. Pastors: Even if you don't have a personal need for this, the larger contributors to your church are very interested and are probably quite informed on this topic. So reading about Personal Finance will help you talk with and minister to them.)
  • Check out The Ten Most Important Financial Decisions Ever

A 2-sermon series:

Money 1: The Key to Mastering Money

Isaiah 55.1-5 (A Proper 13) ... "Is anyone thirsty? Come and drink..."

1 Corinthians 6.20 (B 2Epiphany) ... "God bought you with a high price."

1 Peter 1.18-19 (A 3Easter) ... "God paid a ransom to save you from the empty life... it was the precious blood of Christ..."

Thesis: The key to mastering money’s grasp on us is to see it from God’s perspective.

This one begins with a very strong true story about Oseola McCardy. It's worth clicking on the sermon link above just to read that introduction!

The jist of the sermon is to unpack the reasons why money has such strong control on so many of us. Near the close the sermon moves to helping people see money from God's perspective.

Money 2: The "Shrewd Factor"

Luke 16.1-13 (C Proper 20) The story of the shrewd (and unscrupulous) manager who got caught by his boss.

Thesis: The shrewd manager in Luke 16 teaches us two things about managing our money: we must face the situation, and we must develop our plan and work it.

Generally we hear this Jesus' parable preached using the unfaithful manager as an example of how not to live. But this sermon points out some things we all need to learn from him. It's the sort of a sermon twist that captures the congregations attention and opens the door to make some practical points such as:

  • Establish a budget
  • Beware of debt!
  • A plan to get out of debt!

4 stand-alone sermons:

Proverbs Tips on Money

Proverbs 10.4, 23.4-5, 22.7, 3.9 (none of these are lectionary passages)

Thesis: Proverbs advice about money: embrace hard work, simultaneously seek balance, avoid foolish debt, and share generously.

This sermon incorporates many of the points from the 2 sermon series on the left.

The most recent time I preached this sermon was at the request of a pastor to speak to his church about money, and how to manage it. The congregation was primarily young adults, both unmarried university students and young professionals, with a scattering of older people.

Here's a snippet from the intro:

Somewhere I read that the Bible talks about prayer 270 times. It talks about loving other people 370 times. It teaches how to use our money and possessions 2000 times! Tonight let's allow 4 Proverbs to frame our thinking about money.

Beware: Proverbs are not law; they are a collection of “rules of thumb.” These are the sort of wisdom a wise parent gives their child, or a good boss gives a new college hire. Proverbs are good advice and if we follow it over the long haul, things usually turn out well.

Here we go...

Christian Math

Mark 12.41-44. (B Proper 27) The story of the generous widow at the temple.

Thesis: You’re not crazy when you live beyond-the-math and give money to the work of God’s kingdom.

This one starts with some fun math slides and then moves on to describe the 5 laws of managing money from the world's perspective. Then it circles back to look at the 5 laws that guide Christians as they manage their money.

3 Ways Christians Give

John 12.1-8, Mark 12.38-4, Philippians 1.3-5, 4.14-17 and Matthew 6.24-34

Thesis: God is pleased to receive sacrificial gifts as from the widow, lavish gifts as from Mary, and strategic gifts as from the Philippians.

This sermon uses 3 New Testament stories to illustrate 3 motives for giving. Then it connects the act of giving to the act of worship, then finishes with some practical advice on how to improve our money management so that we can give in the way our heart wants to give.

God Owns Everything; We are His Managers

Matthew 24.14-30

Thesis: Even when it comes to money: do not be afraid - trust God in everything.

This sermon gives 4 reasons why Christians give, and also contains an entertaining object lesson set. It is a short sermon, and it is also a part of the distributed sermon series: Interactive Messages on Character and Conduct in the New Life.