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Gender Theology Sermons

Here are four sermons I preached in 1993 about gender - the differences between males and females. In 2017, I used these and other resources to develop a Christian Teaching web page: Gender Theology

Here are links to the four sermons:

Gender Theology 1: Whatever Happened in Eden?

Thesis: Both men and women are created in God’s image, designed to exercise accountable dominion over all creation and live in holy sociability.

Gender Theology 2: Jesus Elevates Women

Thesis: Jesus treated women as full partners in the gospel.

Gender Theology 3: Jesus Treats Women as Individuals (not property)

Jesus treated women as individuals, separate from their husbands or families.

Gender Theology 4: Perspectives from the Early Church (the Acts and Epistles of Peter & Paul)

Despite a few scriptures that some read to support a dominant male position, I choose to embrace the Gen 1-2 view of gender that I find taught by Jesus and Peter (Acts 2:14-21) and Paul (Gal 3.25-29).