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Audio Recordings

On October 16, 2005 New Life Nazarene Church started recording Sunday worship messages (on most Sundays).  These are available at on the New Life Nazarene Church website. To listen to one of these sermons, go to New Life Audio Recordings, locate the sermon you want to listen to, and then either:

  • Stream the sermon to your computer by left-clicking on [mp3]. Your computer should open your default music player software and begin playing the audio within a very few seconds.  Alternately, you can left-click on the sermon title, then select "Save link as..." to save the link to the audio file on your computer. Then you can later click this link and to stream the file to your computer.
  • Download the full mp3 file to your computer so that you can make a CD or put it on your smartphone. Do this by right-clicking on the [mp3] part of the sermon title, then selecting "Save link as...".  This lets you select the place in your computer to put the downloaded file. Downloading a typical sermon file takes a few minutes (less than 5).
Because of variations in how different computing devices manage audio files, you may need to adjust the above instructions a little. But you should be able to stream or download any of these audio files to whatever computing equipment you have.