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2011-12-02 Stanford IV-Grad

Invitation to Romance.

This is the supplement page for a talk Robin and I gave at Stanford University's InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for graduate students on 12/2/2011.  Their theme for their year was "Falling in love with Jesus."  The (somewhat cryptic) notes for the talk are in the link Invitation to Romance.  And here's a version of the Google Presentation file we used.   If you prefer Microsoft Word and PowerPoint download files, just download it from the bottom of this webpage.

Much of the material comes from our expeience, but the theology is informed by these books:
  • Let’s Start with Jesus, Dennis F. Kinlaw. Zondervan, 2005. This book informed many of our comments on the Trinity and the three levels of intimacy available with God.
  • Desiring God, John Piper, Questar Publishers, 1996. This book informed our comments around the topic of Christian hedonism.
  • Hearing God, Dallas Willard. InterVarsity Press, 1999. Though not used directly in this talk, this book and Willard in general has informed much of Tim’s thinking on intimacy with God.