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2018-09-02 Santa Clara Nazarene

Thanks for inviting me back to your church on this Labor Day weekend! 
You can also find this webpage by typing just bit.ly/scnaz2018-09 into any browser.

Prayer Time

This morning I intend to connect Isaiah 33.17 to this cut-flower bouquet as well as the Physical 06 teaching located at Practicing God’s Presence “Physical 06.”

For more tips for prayer, click on Prayer-time Tips for All.

Message: Beauty - the 3rd Transcendental

The thesis of today's message is: It’s time to grow beyond thinking of Christian faith as just true and good and begin to think about and share our faith as beautiful.

You can access my preaching notes by just clicking on the link at the top of this section. 

The word "transcendental" refers to something that is beyond the physical, such as "metaphysical." The Three Transcendentals of classic Christian faith are:

  1. True
  2. Good
  3. Beautiful

But for many decades, traditions like ours have over-focused on convincing people that Christian faith is good and true while mostly ignoring its beauty. Especially today, we need to lift up the beauty - even above the other two.

From the sermon notes and the footnotes, you will find more resources beyond what we have time for this morning.