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2017-09-24 Santa Clara Nazarene

Thanks for inviting me to your church this week. You can also find this webpage by typing just bit.ly/scnaz2017-09 into any browser.

Prayer Time

I did a short teachable moment just before prayer time. You can find more prayer time by clicking on Prayer-Time Teachable Moments

Today's sermon

To view the sermon notes, click on God's Redemptive Loops. Notice that there are several links in the notes that you can follow for supplemental information.

For a web page covering the core theology in this message, click on Beyond Conversion - 1.

If you're not yet a Christian but would like to know what kinds of marks God will put on your life as you follow Jesus beyond conversion, check out Marks of Christlikeness. This link is to a bare list of many marks. I'm working on a post that will add a description to each mark on the list.

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