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2017-08-06 New Life Cupertino

You can also access this webpage by typing just: bit.ly/nlnc2017-08 into any browser. Do not use www.

This sermon flows from work I am doing to help another pastor with the Nazarene ordination process, particularly with respect to what is called Article 10 (Entire Sanctification). While I never use the term in the sermon, this sermon captures my understanding of this section of theology. Another motivation for this work is to develop a resource I can use in my ongoing one-on-one ministries, as well as to add another romance-with-God resource into my website. 

In the sermon, I list 6 "marks" of a Christian who is several years past conversion to Christian faith. To view the notes to the sermon, click on Beyond Conversion sermon. In the sermon, you will find links to several other resources.

The truth is, I have a list of 55 marks of life beyond conversion and I'm working to develop relevant stories/anecdotes to help people grasp each one. To see this entire list, click on Beyond Conversion marks. If you have any marks to suggest, please send them to me. If you have any short anecdotes that preachers/teachers might use to illustrate one of the marks, send that over, too!

One of the points in the middle section of the sermon is that mature Christians often exhibit an abundance mentality. As it turns out, in 2002 I preached a sermon at New Life on exactly this. You can find those sermon notes at Abundance Mentality