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2017-07-02,09 Cambrian Park Nazarene

I'm glad to return to your church. The last time I was was for the first two Sunday in August 2015. The notes for 2015 are still posted here

This time, my visit is the first two Sundays in July and I'm planning on this two-sermon series. You can also access this webpage by typing bit.ly/cpn201707 into any browser.

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God's Family and Our Place in It

In Scripture, God offers many metaphors to help us understand the potential of life with him. Here's my list. The two sermons I'm preaching here in July make use of the Family metaphor: 

  • Family metaphor. Here God is our Father, Jesus our elder brother, and the Spirit our constant companion who brings us up in the family so that our heart beats increasingly like Jesus' heart. 
  • Marriage metaphor. Sometimes called the Nuptial metaphor. This one speaks of a romantic love shared by personal choice, initiated by Jesus and reciprocated by the believer.
  • Kingdom metaphor. Sometimes called the Royal or Legal metaphor. Jesus is the king of this alternate kingdom where whatever God wants done gets
  • Shepard-sheep metaphor. Jesus is the shepherd who cares for his sheep (believers)
  • Body-of-Christ metaphor. Believers are all parts of the body of which Jesus is the head.
  • Slavery-Redemption metaphor
  • Legal (Justification by Faith) metaphor
  • Journey with God metaphor
  • Temple of Living Stones metaphor. Believers are living stones in a "temple" where Jesus is the cornerstone. 
  • Vine and branches

Why so many? Because God loves variety. Just notice the variety in the creation and among people! One of the most common ways we learn is through metaphors and stories. So God filled Scripture with a variety of metaphors and stories to provide every single person an understandable way to know God deeply.

On July 2, we'll focus on the first metaphor on the list, the Family metaphor. On July 9, we'll leverage off the first sermon to see the deeper life God offers each of us. 

July 2:

Prayer Time teachable moment

In two days, we will celebrate our national freedom. But today is Sunday, so let's praise God for the freedoms we have in God's Kingdom.

Then, let's intercede for the freedom of others:

  • People we know who are trapped - in addictions, poverty, abusive relationships, etc
  • Syrian refugees in transition - for God to prepare places that will welcome them
  • Leaders of the factions in Syria - to change their hearts or raise up new, wholesome leaders
Pastor Bob and Sharon in their time away

Sermon link: God's Family Stories

At the end of the sermon notes, there is a link to the Presentation file. 

Thesis: You have more ancestors than you think – and they are cheering you on as you run the race of life.

July 9

Prayer Time teachable moment

Did any of you wake up last night with something on your mind? Was it something pleasant, troublesome, or something else? Did it have to do with a person, event, concern, joy? Did you wake up enough to jot down a note to yourself about it?

I have learned to interpret these awakenings as the Holy Spirit waking me up to pray for that very thing that woke me up. If I'm not sure exactly what to pray for about a person, I pray the BLESS acronym:

  • Body - ask God to bless their physical needs.
  • Labor - ask God to bless their work or schoolwork.
  • Emotions - ask God to bless their emotions.
  • Social - ask God to bless their social interactions with friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors.
  • Spiritual - ask God to bless their spiritual life.

And I have learned to keep a paper/pencil by my bed because sometimes the Spirit wakes me up with an insight into some project I'm working on and I don't want to lose that insight! 

Sermon: Growing Up in God's Family 

At the end of the sermon notes, there is a link to the Presentation file. 

Thesis: God’s law protects us while he transforms our hearts to beat increasingly like Jesus’ heart so that we can live more in the freedom of this relationship than of slavishly following the Law.