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2015-08-16 New Life Cupertino

Here are some notes to go with the Pastor's Jubilee worship service on August 16, 2015. This web page is also available by typing bit.ly/nljubilee into any browser. 

Prayer-time Teachable Moment

Two quotes used in this segment:
  • God did not create humans to get the love and joy of relationship (he already had that) but to share it. -Jonathan Edwards
  • Our ability to love other persons is just an image of the internal Trinitarian love that we were created to reflect. -Saint Augustine: 

Both of these are from Timothy Keller's book, Prayer. For more notes from my reading of this book, check out Notes from Timothy Keller’s book Prayer.

Sermon: Pastor's Jubilee

You can find my notes for the sermon at 150816 Pastors Jubilee. At the end of the notes, you will find a link to the presentation slides file.

In the sermon, I talked a bit about the decline of the middle class. For more about this, click on Unbalanced Wealth. I also mentioned a collaborative paper I'm working on regarding strategies to deal with ministers' debt. To view/download it click on Ministers' Student Debt. I also touched on a list of mercy and justice scriptures supplied by Ron Benefiel. You can access this at Mercy & Justice: a Christian Perspective.