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2015-05-24 Antioch Nazarene

This web page contains worship notes for Antioch Nazarene (Antioch, California) for Pentecost Sunday of May 24, 2015. You can also find this page at bit.ly/antioch1015

The material I used for to set up the morning prayer time was to help the congregation learn and internalize: God is in control, despite appearances to the contrary. This is what we believe. This is what we have seen. This is what we have to offer our world.

Since 5/24 was Pentecost Sunday I wanted to bring an appropriate sermon for the season. I felt like this should be the Paschal Mystery material that I had preached a couple of times before. But that material is best preached as a 2-sermon distributed series, the first delivered on Easter and the second on Pentecost Sunday. So I did a bit of rewriting to come up with a single sermon version for Antioch. Here's the link to the preaching notes: After Death - New Life and a New Spirit.