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2014-08-23 When Opportunity Knocks...

by Tim Isbell

This page houses my notes for a talk to incoming international students at DeAnza College and Foothill College, in the west San Jose area of California. The organizers asked me to deal with the various dimensions of culture shock and advice on how to succeed in America.

The talk came at the end of an all-day immersion event sponsored by the ISF (International Student Fellowship) and CCEM (Chinese Christian Evangelical Ministry). The first is an organization inside the community colleges; the second is a part of New Life Church. The day ended at New Life Church.

The title of my presentation was "When Opportunity Knocks..." And, of course, the talk provides the answer: "Open the door." The notes are pretty cryptic, but if there's any demand I can always add detail later. Primarily I am making these notes available for the attendees.

Notes for the talk

To view (or download) the original doc, click on bit.ly/AnswerIt