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2014-06-22 Watsonville Nazarene

Pastor Jerry Carter asked me to fill in for him on June 22 at the Watsonville Church of the Nazarene. He was is in a series on Outlasters, which addresses the topic of leaving a lasting legacy. So I decided to preach a compatible sermon using the story of Leah. He agreed, so I'm preaching For a Lasting Legacy - Collaborate. Click the link to go to the sermon notes, where you'll find links to additional resources.

Much of the obscure historical source material for this sermon came from this book by Wesley Tracy: What’s a Nice God Like You Doing in a Place Like This?. Chapter four is titled "Learning from Leah." Each chapter unpacks another obscure biblical character in very interesting ways.

Another adjacent resource to go along with this sermon is the Hallmark movie, "Loving Leah." Though not a direct source for this sermon, it is a delightful contemporary story blending the biblical story of Leah with another Old Testament Jewish concept of an unmarried man’s responsibility to marry the widow of a his brother. I recommend it highly.

Prayer Time Teachable Moment

When I preach I like to also handle the morning prayer - unless the pastor has a plan. I generally package short teachable moment just before inviting people to join me at the altar.

In this service I'll remind the congregation of the 2nd Commandment that tells God's followers not to build idols, and then talk a little about why God gave us this commandment:

  1. God is real and present with us through his spirit; he wants us to be satisfied with this.
  2. God already gave us his image. He created us in his image. The Christian life is lived from the inside out, as we transparently invite God's Spirit to live the God-life transparently in front of a watching world.
Here's are some relevant scriptures:
  • Genesis 1.27
  • Exodus 20.4-5a
  • 1 Samuel 16.7
  • Romans 8.29-30
  • 2 Corinthians 3.16-18

Then I'll incorporate these thoughts into the prayer.

Thanks for inviting me to preach in your church. May God bless you in this transition time.