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2012-11-04 NLNC Cupertino class

Hi everybody,

Thanks for attending the class! I see you've found this page. Great. You are almost to the teaching notes. To view or download them just click Tim's Teaching Notes on the Unforgivable Sin.

For you who weren't in the class, these notes are from a Sunday School class at New Life Nazarene Church in Cupertino, Ca. The class is in a series on the biblical book of Hebrews. I was the substitute teacher a the lesson on Hebrews 6, which brings up the challenging issue of the unpardonable sin.  

At the beginning of class we interviewed Jennifer, who is one of our Math Coaching students at VG apartments. Here's a website where you can find out more about New Life's Math Coaching there.

After the interview we considered the question: What about the unforgivable sin?  For more questions/answers like this just click on Ordinary Practice Evangelism. At the bottom of that page are several attachments. The one labeled Christian FAQs contains many questions investigators have asked me over the years, along with how I answered them. You can view or download the whole  file. It’s a big file (about 85 pages).

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