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2012-09-30 Sunbury Nazarene class

On September 30 I substituted as the teacher in an adult Sunday School class at the Sunbury Nazarene Church (Sunbury, Ohio (just north of Columbus)), where my brother is the regular teacher. The class follows the Nazarene Word Action curriculum so my job was to teach just the first lesson of a series on Job.  At the same time I was preparing to post a 4 sermon series on the book of Job. So the Sunbury lesson included some of the material from the sermon series. Here are my teaching notes that I used in the class, Job: Tragedy Strikes.  The lesson wsa based on Job 1.1-22. 

Someone in the class asked me what translation we read from. It was the New Living Translation.

10/2/012: I just posted the 3 sermons on Job. To view them just click on Lessons from Job.

Thanks so much for having me in your class, and especially for your great participation!'
Tim Isbell