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2014-09-28 Sunbury

by Tim Isbell

This webpage includes supplemental material that relates to the message I preached on September 28, 2014 in Sunbury Nazarene Church, Sunbury, Ohio.

To view or download the sermon notes for the sermon, click on Living Through Storms. There you will also find a link to the Presentation file (the graphics).

Here are several related resources.

Terminal Illness is a webpage offering 2 very unique perspectives on dealing with terminal illness in your own life, or when being present in the life of another.

Visitation Coaching is a tutorial on how to can make meaningful hospital calls and other sorts of similar contacts. It will help both parishioners and ministers build their visitation skills to use with people who are going through difficulty.

I have also preached a few of other related sermons to the one I preached in Sunbury. Here are the notes to 2 of them:

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