2019-08-11 New Life Cupertino

Tim Isbell, August 2019

You can also access this webpage by typing just: bit.ly/nlnc_galore into any browser. Do not use www.

Here's the link to the sermon notes I preached on 8/11/2019 at New Life Cupertino: Ancestors & Descendants Galore. Or you can listen to the audio file here. Most of this sermon flows from two 1-page essays I wrote recently for a writing project called Responsive Prayer Meditations, which I may publish through this website for the 2019-2020 Christian year. If you want to read my current draft of those essays, click here

The last section in the sermon flows from teaching material that I used in the Sunday Morning MeetUp on August 4, 2019. The lesson title is "What the Bible says about... Life in God's Household." (at the link provided).  

Blessings, Tim