Math Coaching

Below is a brief description of our Math Coaching project. Or go directly to that website by clicking on Math Coaching

In the fall of 2008, Robin and I were looking for a way to build personal relationships and do some face-to-face ministry among under-resourced people. In a remarkable way, the Lord connected us to an 85 unit apartment complex about a mile from the local church where I served as senior pastor (New Life Nazarene Church, Cupertino, CA). Over the next couple of years, we did various forms of "Christian social work" and pastoral ministry to individuals and families.

When I retired as the senior pastor in June 2010, Robin and I continued our involvement at the apartments (continuing to operate it as a part of the church). Soon we started a Math Coaching project for middle and senior high school students. My background is electrical engineering, so I liked math and used it extensively in my 22-year pre-ministry career. In 2009, I began helping my eldest granddaughter with Algebra 1. Subsequently, we worked our way through all high school math. Also, during my undergraduate days in the 1960's I volunteered tutoring math at an orphanage one night a week. I always wanted to get back to this; finally, I had the time and my granddaughter for a catalyst.

It took a few months to get this going, but we started for real in January of 2011. While I targeted middle and senior high school students, there was more response from younger students. By summer we had to split Math Coaching into two pieces: Advanced Math Coaching for pre-Algebra and up, and Math Club for younger students. We no longer work with the younger students, but we continue to work with 6-10 middle and high schoolers. We love the kids, and our coaches relate well with them. Our students improve in math. 

To know more about Math Coaching, please see our separate Math Coaching website. The Math Coaching site is designed to:

  • Give prospective coaches and students an overview of our program.

  • Provide a tool for our students to invite other students.

  • Expose our Math Coaching program to other similar programs, as a way to trigger connection and collaboration.

  • Provide our coaches with a resource to include in resumes and referrals.

If you are considering a ministry in this general area, perhaps you'll see something at the Math Coaching site that will move your thinking forward. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about this further.


Tim Isbell

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