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Wrapup - Donald Trump wins

by Tim Isbell, November 9, 2016

It’s the morning after the election which surprised many Americans and people around the world - including me.

I am deeply disappointed in the outcome and apprehensive of virtually all roads ahead. I am brokenhearted for women, for those at the low end of the economic divide, for people of color, for the LGBT community, for young adults enslaved by student debt, for those who are bullied on any pretense, for those of Islamic and other non-Christian faiths, and on and on. Regardless, I will support President Trump and pray that he’ll lead us forward in a different spirit than we’ve seen from him so far.

I’m also concerned for all who put their hope in America and its politics and woke up this morning facing a host of shattered dreams.

As for me, my primary citizenship is in God’s Kingdom, while I live and work as a resident alien in a kingdom of this world. I am not disappointed or brokenhearted with God’s Kingdom because I trust his promises. He says my path will take some troublesome turns and pass through some dark valleys. But throughout the journey, the Spirit of Jesus accompanies, guides, strengthens, and opens doors for me to share some part of the Good News of God’s Kingdom with other travelers. If that’s you, take a look at The Alternate Life. Or just contact me. Or visit a church this Sunday.