A friend posted a 6-minute video clip on his Facebook page and added an annotation asking me to respond.

As it turns out, I've been thinking about the sorts of things in his video clip for quite a while. But when I looked at the Facebook “Comment” box in his post I didn't think I could write anything worthwhile in such a tiny space. And I knew that I’d like to offer several URLs to some resources I've been mulling over, and these don't go into Facebook comment boxes, either.

So for a few hours I just let it “cook.” Then I hit on a solution. I have a website, and I can post a robust response on my website and then put a link in Facebook's comment box, along with 2-3 sentences.

But where would I house the post on my site? It didn't fit any of the existing categories. In about half an hour, it occurred to me to simply make a new category for content that doesn't fit the other categories. Of course, it would need a name. While brewing a cup of tea, the name IMHO popped into my head. I presume most readers recognize this as an acronym for In My Humble Opinion.

Now and then when I have something to communicate that doesn't fit in any of the other categories on my site I'll post it in IMHO. 

All the best,

Tim Isbell

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