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Unbalanced Wealth

posted Apr 12, 2013, 4:54 PM by Tim Isbell
A friend of mine posted a 6 minute video clip on his FaceBook page. It's titled "Homeless in High Tech’s Shadow"
 (by Moyers & Company). It's an anecdotal analysis of the huge chasm between the very rich and the very poor living in Silicon Valley, which has been our home since 1971. When my friend posted the clip he added an annotation asking me to respond.

As it turns out, Robin and I have been thinking about the sorts of things in this video clip for quite a while now. We are disturbed by the unbalanced wealth in America, the diminishing size of the middle-class, the weakness of our students’ academic performance, the implications of the federal deficits which have built a mountain of a federal debt, and the aging demographic of our workforce.

So... I put together a webpage that summarizes our current thinking. You can have a look at IMHO: Unbalanced Wealth.

All the best,
Tim Isbell