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Social Media Ministry

posted Sep 18, 2013, 6:16 AM by Tim Isbell   [ updated Sep 23, 2013, 8:20 PM ]
Major revision posted 9/23/2013. Here's the link: Websites & Social Media.

Most churches have at least a billboard website where people can come to learn about the church and see what's going on. Some of these churches also offer people a way to subscribe to notifications of new or upcoming items so they won't have to keep checking the website to see what's new. These notifications come in many flavors: email, RSS feeds, or little social networking badges that connect to platforms such as Google+, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.

The next logical step is for churches to somehow engage people in conversations around their content. This is probably happening in a few places, but it's not widespread. In 5 years it will be common. By then these discussions will be much broader than just on-line discussions about a calendar event. They'll be discussions on everything from discipleship to mission to serving the needy to last Sunday's sermon, and so on.

As this move to conversations develops, church websites will become much more than a billboard with notifications. Websites will offer increasing theological and practical content helpful to parishioners and beyond. It won't just be content that is tossed on the site in hopes someone reads it, and maybe affirms it with some mark. It will be presented in a way that invites people into a conversation about this content. This conversation will not occur on the church's website; it will occur on a social networking platform where the church's people are already present.

For more on this check out Websites & Social Media. If you are on Google+, check out the private community: Websites & Social Media.