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Site Enhancements

posted Dec 18, 2012, 10:02 AM by Tim Isbell   [ updated Dec 18, 2012, 2:38 PM ]
Hi everybody,

Over the past month more than 400 visitors a week visited this site. So it was time to fix a few things and make some site-wide enhancements. Here's the list:

1. Print page now works across more browsers. The catalyst for all these changes was to make the Print Page link (at the bottom of every page) work across all known browsers. Previously this was a problem on Chrome. Recently I realized it was also a problem on Safari (iPads, at least). To fix it I abandoned the black background behind the text and moved to this new Theme with a white background. Now you can print any page on this site by clicking on the Print Page link at the bottom of that page - and it won't drain your toner! This change also fixes the problem of inserting the same paragraph break in the printout that exists on the screen.

My son, who knows more about websites than I do, suggested the rest of these enhancements:

2. Widened site. The site used to be 915 pixels; now it measures 980 pixels to better accommodate tablets. By the way, this version automatically adjusts to mobile devices (so did the previous version).

3. Added horizontal navigation tabs at the top of the page. These link to the most frequently used major topical areas, making site-wide navigation quicker regardless of how much you have expanded the left-panel navigation bar. I also renamed some major topical areas in order to fit more tabs on horizontal navigation bar.

4. Increased text font size. Previously the paragraph text font size was Arial 10 point. I have changed most (but not all) pages to Arial 12 point. I'll keep "chipping away" at this.

5. Rewrote the Home Page. I had not done a major rethinking of this page in a couple of years, so it was time. Hope you'll read it.

As long as I'm sending out this post about site enhancements, perhaps you'd like to know that I'm considering adding one or two additional topical areas to the site.
  • Personal Finance. Since I left industry in 1992 we have paid the bills greatly from our investments. Enough people know this about us that they are probably curious about how we manage money, but are too shy to ask. I'm no expert in this field but I have enough experience that maybe I should share a little of it. So I probably will. 
  • Politics. By nature I'm in the middle of the political road. As a church pastor I needed to keep my political views mostly to myself. But since I no longer am perceived as always speaking as a spokesman for the church that I pastor, I figure it's probably okay to "open up" a bit in this area. So I probably will.

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