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Sermon & Study Material through August

posted Jun 8, 2014, 1:58 PM by Tim Isbell
After Pentecost Sunday begins Ordinary Time, but this doesn't mean we're entering a season for mundane sermons and teaching! The lectionary use of "ordinary" refers to the word's Latin root which means items that are "ordered." Ordinary Time begins with Trinity Sunday, and proceeds through several numbered weeks Proper 4, 5, 6... 26, 27, 28, finally finishing on Christ the King Sunday, right around Thanksgiving. This is such a long stretch of that I've divided it into 2 pieces. This first piece stretches through Proper 17, which this year is August 31.

Ordinary Time Sundays have two sets of Old Testament readings. The first is a continuation of the "typological" set, meaning the Old Testament readings either compliment or contrast the gospel. The second set is a stream of "semi-continuous" readings, meaning the Old Testament scriptures move through a book or books in sequence. Lectionary preachers choose one or the other of these Old Testament paths, or bounce between them.

If you follow this link to Year A Ordinary Time you will find links to the notes and resources for the following sermons:

  • In the Beginning... the Trinity
  • The Result of Right Worship
  • Grace (One of the 10 Big Ideas of Christian Faith series)
  • Living with the Weak, the Strong, and Even with Our Enemies
  • Leaning Against Culture
  • Holiness: Romance in the Christian Life
  • Farming 101, the Soil and the Farming Life
  • Farming 201, Managing Weeds
  • Renovation of the Soul (part of a 5-sermon series titled Renovation)
  • The Bad, the Good, the Best
  • Lifesaving - the Grand Adventure
  • The Kingdom is Like...
  • Adjusting to God's Story
  • Learning from Leah
  • Abundance Mentality
  • A Time to Surrender
  • The Key to Mastering Money
  • Salvation by Faith (another of the 10 Big Ideas of Christian Faith series)
  • Surviving an Imperfect Family
  • Living the Baptized Life
  • Praying Through God's Silence
  • Suffering
  • Life's Inflection Points
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