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Sermons for Epiphany

posted Dec 29, 2013, 10:08 PM by Tim Isbell
Here are 20 sermon ideas to help you preach for the 9 Sundays of Epiphany, from January 5 through March 2. The titles are:
  1. God's Mysterious Plan
  2. An Ahah Experience
  3. A Biblically Functioning Community
  4. Living as the Beloved
  5. An Intimate Ally
  6. Finding Direction
  7. Going Fishing
  8. What Kind of Old Person Do You Want to Become?
  9. Prophetic Messages for the Church
  10. Why are Prophets Cranky?
  11. It Doesn't Just Look Upside Down, It is!
  12. Balancing Private Compassion and Social Justice
  13. Powers of Darkness sermon series (single or 4-sermon series)
  14. Anger Management
  15. Gossip, Slander and Coarse Language
  16. 3 Ways Christians Give
  17. Mountaintop Experiences
  18. Living without the Mask
  19. Grace, one of the 10 Big Ideas of Christian Faith
  20. The Result of Right Worship

About half of these sermons are new, the rest are revised from previous posts. To take a closer look go to A Epiphany Sermons.

Tim Isbell

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