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Sermons for C Ordinary Time (early)

posted May 19, 2013, 8:17 AM by Tim Isbell   [ updated May 19, 2013, 9:02 AM ]
"Ordinary Time" is not a season for mundane sermons! The lectionary use of "ordinary" refers to  the word's Latin root which means items that are "ordered." Ordinary Time begins with Trinity Sunday (5/26/2013), and proceeds through several numbered weeks Proper 4, 5, 6... 26, 27, 28, finally finishing on Christ the King Sunday (11/24).

This post announces the availability of 17 complete sermons for the first 8 weeks of Ordinary Time (through 7/14). Non-lectionary preachers will discover that these sermons can fit almost anywhere in the Christian calendar.

Simply skimming through the sermon notes will certainly give you fresh preaching ideas suitable for these weeks. When you see a sermon that you want to just make  your own and preach in your setting - be my guest. They're all free. If you're not a preaching pastor, you can use these notes as teaching material or devotional reading.

Here are the sermon titles for the first section of Ordinary Time:

Stand-alone sermons

  • Trinity - the Divine Team
  • Slip Sliding Away
  • A Message for Mistakers
  • God's Formula
  • Raising Up the Weak
  • Living With the Weak, Strong, and Even Our Enemies


  • Lessons from Elijah, Ahab, and Elisha (3-sermon series)
  • Courageous Living (4-sermon series)
  • Powers of Darkness (4-sermon series, with stand-alone option)

Visit C Ordinary Time (early) to learn more about the sermons and for links the complete sermon notes


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