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Sermons for Advent, Christmas, New Years... plus

posted Nov 25, 2013, 10:17 AM by Tim Isbell   [ updated Nov 26, 2013, 10:23 AM ]
This coming Sunday is the first of 4 Advent Sundays. Then comes Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services in many churches. And the Sunday following that is New Years. Here are 10 sermons spanning this season:
  • Can Anything New Happen Under the Sun? Matthew 24.36-44
  • Easiest Thing... Hardest Thing. Matthew 3.1-12
  • Everything Changed. Matthew 3.1-11
  • While We Wait. Matthew 11.2-13, James 5.7-11
  • Lessons from Joseph. Matthew 1.18-25
  • Life After God Speaks. Matt 1.18-25
  • Jesus Comes Anyway. Luke 1.1-20
  • Incarnation, God Among Us (one of the 10 Big Ideas of Christian Faith series). John 1.1-14
  • It's God's Initiative: History Is Going Someplace. (another of the 10 Big Ideas...). Rev 21.1-4
  • The Preacher's Message. Ecclesiastes
You can find synopses to each of these sermons, links to their complete sermon notes, and other resources at Year A Advent-New Years.

Pageviews uptick

This website experienced a large uptick in pageviews within the last 30 days. It is due to many people visiting the Advent Readings webpage to download one of the Advent readings sets offered there - all free. It's still not (quite) too late to start an Advent tradition in your church. It's very easy to do, and doesn't need to cost more than the cost of 5 candles. Just follow the link for resources. 

And, finally, here's the "Plus" for reading this far:

Thanksgiving is this week and I've signed up to make my traditional sweet potatoes for our family celebration dinner. It's a recipe from my grandmother (with help from the Joy of Cooking cookbook, 1964), and a favorite dish around our family. If you are looking for a new recipe this Thanksgiving, here's the link to Granny Newell's Candied Sweet Potatoes.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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