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Science and Religion

posted Apr 8, 2013, 10:09 PM by Tim Isbell

Every generation has its proponents of science who are convinced that religion is bogus; sometimes they even think religion is at the root of the world's problems. Every generation also has its religious people who believe that their faith tradition is the source of all truth and that it offers the solution to the world's problems. Some in the religious contingent throw science away in order to keep their faith "pure." 

Some of us struggle with the science vs. religion question for a season of life, often in our college and young adult years, resolve it to our own satisfaction and then move on to other things. That was my case.  In many dimensions I discovered that I could rely on science to get me to the right answer. But it failed me in questions like "Should I trust my 16-year-old with the keys to the car?" or "What shall I do with my life to give it any transcendent meaning?" Over time I became convinced that both science and religion can play important roles in my life. I didn't have to choose one or the other; I could choose both, without contradiction.

As an engineer/businessman and later a Christian pastor, I have found myself in countless conversations with peers about science and religion. In retirement this topic still comes up - sometimes on the golf course! People seem genuinely curious about how I can simultaneously live as a competent engineer and also as a Christian. 

So I decided to add a part to my website on Science and Religion. To get it started I'd like to introduce you to a young friend of mine: Dr. Aron Wall. He's a theoretical physicist, doing his post-doc at UC Santa Barbara, while on the side he writes a blog that often addresses intersection of science, philosophy, history, and religion - primarily of the Christian faith variety. In this Science and Religion page you'll learn a little more about Aron, find a link to his post article titled "Can Religion be Based on Evidence," and an invitation to his blog. 

If the question of science and religion interests you, please have a look. If you know people in who are interested, please pass the link along to them.

All the best,

Tim Isbell

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