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Sainsbury's Christmas Video

posted Nov 15, 2014, 8:57 AM by Tim Isbell
An acquaintance sent me a link to Sainsbury's 2014 Christmas advertisement. Sainsbury is the third largest supermarket chain in the U.K. and they built this ad around a true story which has circulated among Christian preachers for years. I think I used it myself. But Sainsbury's 4-minute dramatization tells it far better than I ever did.
The clip depicts the 1914 story of a 48-hour localized truce during WW1 between British and German troops to celebrate Christmas. 

Sainsbury is receiving some criticism for commercializing this "war story." But the story is a good one, and (in my opinion) is not about commercializing or condoning war. Quite the opposite, it is about the Spirit of Christmas showing up, even in the worst of circumstances.

After all, Christmas is very much about God incarnate coming into the broken circumstances of our world. And Christmas offers much, much more than a temporary, localized truce. This clip will help some ministers make this point.


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