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Preachers' Crib Sheet

posted May 25, 2011, 5:36 PM by Tim Isbell   [ updated May 25, 2011, 9:47 PM ]
As a local church pastor for 18 years I wanted to make sure I used a broad range of preaching techniques in order to communicate to the broad range of parishioners and visitors.  And I also wanted to hold the attention of regulars.  So I compiled Preachers' Crib Sheet to keep me from falling into the preachers'  rut of always preaching in the same style/format.  Then, every week I'd read a small section of these Crib Notes, which God used to keep me out of a preaching rut.  This web page is that file.  I think you will find help in it.

Here are some examples of what you'll find in this link:

“Good preaching is like a person standing on a street corner pointing upward into the sky.  Of course a crowd gathers, everyone cranes their neck upward to see whatever it is that the person who is pointing upward sees.”  Karl Barth.

A good preacher doesn't start with a need and look for a scripture; he/she starts with the scripture and asks what need it addresses or what question it answers.

Put away the video projector occasionally and use low-tech visuals (like a coach in the locker room at half-time).

Far more important than building a great sermon is training to become the kind of person who speaks all of our words in front of God.  Become a person who always speaks either to God or in his presence - never in his absence.

The 4 S’s of a good talk: Simple, Scripture, Stories, Short.

The leaders' part in worship: select and craft great material, design the best flow possible, point people to God, and make room for the congregation to respond to what they experience.

A key physical manifestation of worship is the praise of his people, for God promises to inhabit these.  One way we praise God is in song – not listening to songs but singing them. 

I'm sure you'll find a LOT more preaching encouragement and ideas in this file: Preachers' Crib Sheet.


Tim Isbell