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November Sermon Ideas

posted Oct 28, 2012, 3:58 PM by Tim Isbell   [ updated Nov 15, 2012, 1:24 PM ]
This post completes my sermon offerings for Year B Ordinary Time. Indeed, it completes all the sermon postings for all of Years A and B!

It offers MANY more sermon possibilities than the 4 weeks of November can hold. As you scan through the list of titles below I suspect that you will notice some that interest you. They all fit nicely in these last few weeks of Year B Ordinary Time. But these fit just as nicely almost anywhere in the calendar.

Alternate Life Collection

  • The Alternate Life, a 4-sermon series (re-posted to complete the Collection)
  • 4000 Years and Still Building/Worshiping, a new 2 sermon series
  • Politics of Worship, a new single sermon (and probably controversial in some churches)
  • It's God's Initiative - History Is Going Somewhere , a single sermon (re-posted to complete the Collection)
The first and the last of these line items were posted earlier and  included here so you can see the full spectrum of ways to preach/teach the concepts of the Alternate Life.

Stand-alone sermons (all new)

  • House of Prayer (my version of the Jim Cymbala classic)
  • Perhaps the Fires of Heaven Burn Hotter than the Fires of Hell
  • Christian Math (deals with financial stewardship)
  • The Bulls-eye Is too Small
  • Jesus, the Highest Priest

To find out more about any of these just click on Sermons for Year B Ordinary Time (late) and browse down to the one dated 11/4/012. From there to the bottom of the web page you will find a synopsis of each one of the sermons on this November list. If anything in the synopsis continues to attract your attention, just click on its title and you will soon arrive at my complete sermon notes. I've enhanced the packaging and formatting of these pages to include links to all the additional resources (such as Presentation Files, Audio Files, Handouts (sometimes), and even a few Worship Quizzes). 

I'd love to hear from you about any ideas you have that might improve this site and these sorts of sermon postings.  For any of you who may be curious, IsbellOnline.org now receives about 250 visitors a week.