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More Sermons for Year A, or anytime

posted Oct 11, 2011, 5:58 AM by Tim Isbell   [ updated Dec 18, 2012, 2:59 PM ]
We're nearing the end of Year A and here are four Old Testament sermons covering the Sundays through November 6.  As usual, you can fit these into almost anywhere in the preaching calendar. 

Below is a synopsis of each one.  The sermon notes and PowerPoint files are available from the filing cabinet.  You can also download these these files from the Sermon Chart, which also provides links to audio files of many of the sermons. 

If you are not a lectionary preacher, the Sermon Chart is a very helpful resource because it allows you to sort by biblical book.

In addition to finishing up the Year A sermons, I'm working on some Advent Readings for use in the four Sundays leading up to Christmas.

Proper 24 (10/16): Becoming Great Worshipers

Exodus 33 (The Lord shows his glory to Moses)

Thesis: Even more precious than God's gifts is the blessing of his presence, especially including his presence in times of corporate worship.

This sermon addresses the contrast of receiving God's gifts and receiving God's presence.  It deals directly with the person who says, "I don't go to church anymore because I just don't get anything out of it."  It also deals with the person who mindlessly sits through worship.  The last section walks the congregation through the elements of a conventional Christian worship service, showing the significance and suggesting ways we can enrich worship experience - for us and for God.

Proper 24 or 25 (10/16 or 23): The Goodness, the Glow, and the Vision.

Exodus 33.12-23, 34.28-34, Deuteronomy 34  (Moses sees the Lord's glory, Moses receives the 10 Commandments for the second time and his face becomes radiant, the death of Moses)

Thesis:  God gives us all we need to write the next chapter of our adventure with him.

God's responds to Moses' request "Show me your glory," not by God showing his greatness - but showing his goodness.  We know God loves to receive our praise as part of worship, but praise for what.  I'm sure God appreciates praise for his greatness, but in Exodus 33 when Moses asks God to show his glory God doesn't tell him to look at the stars, or nature, or his power, or other parts of his greatness.  No, God shows Moses his goodness.  This suggests that he appreciates praise for his goodness even more than praise for his goodness.

Proper 26 (10/30): Why Prophets are Cranky

Micah 3.5-12

The crankiness of prophets has bothered me for a long time.  This sermon not only answers the question about biblical prophets, it also addresses the issue of cranky parishioners who have the "prophetic gift."  This one is definitely worth a read unless you already read it (it's also posted as a sermon for Year A, 4 Epiphany).

Proper 27 (11/6):  Living the With-God Life

Joshua 24

Thesis:  God’s call is to trust him and follow him with single-mindedly, living the “with-God” life.

Using a top-level view of the Old Testament stories, this sermon helps people see God's invitation to a life lived in an intimate fellowship with him is as much an option for us today as it was for the Old Testament characters.  Near the end it invites the listener to abandon their present dis-integrated life for one lived single-mindedly with-God.