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More resources for Terminal Illness

posted Apr 8, 2015, 2:36 PM by Tim Isbell

I posted a web page titled Terminal Illness in 2012 that unpacked 2 concepts that help people with a terminal illness, and their caregivers, deal with this situation. Then in January 2014 my mother passed away and I had the blessing of spending the last couple of weeks with her. From this experience I have added 4 more resources to the earlier web page:

  1. Invaluable scriptures
  2. Using hymns or other Christian music
  3. Prayer tips
  4. Understanding the resurrection
While these 2 concepts and 4 resources are designed for Christians caring for or ministering to the terminally ill Christian, I trust that they also provide some help to others. If you are involved in any such ministry, or are yourself terminally ill, I hope you will take a fresh look at the revised Terminal Illness web page.

Tim Isbell