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How to resolve an offense like an adult

posted Aug 13, 2015, 6:24 AM by Tim Isbell
The Bible prescribes a particular process for when someone hurts you. With minor modifications, it also works in secular environments. The three steps come from Matthew 18.15-17:
  1. Go to the offender personally.
  2. Take someone with you.
  3. Take the issue to the church.
Too often, when someone offends us, our first move is to gossip with peers or to elevate the offence to someone in charge. But there is a better way.

This post first provides advice for each step in the Christian context, such as within a church. Then it explains how to modify the process to work in secular settings, including school and the workplace. Even if your primary application is in a secular context, please read the first part because it greatly informs the second part. To learn more, check out Resolving an Offense.