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Epiphany Sermons for Feb 6 & 13

posted Jan 16, 2011, 9:47 AM by Tim Isbell   [ updated Dec 18, 2012, 3:22 PM ]

Here are 3 sermons for the 5th and 6th Sundays of Epiphany.  I post sermons primarily to offer you ideas and insight, though these are my actual preaching notes which you are welcome to use as directly as you like.  The lectionary framework provides a convenient calendar for these posts, but you can use them anytime.  To view or download them, go to Sermon Chart and look in the left hand column for the Lection Week #'s A11 and A12.  If you prefer to sort this list by biblical text, just use the sort button in the Scripture column.  Here's a synopsis of these sermons:

The first one is "Paul, the Powers, and the Kingdom."  It's based on 1 Corinthians 2.1-16 and Matthew 5.13-16.  I'm working on this one to preach in Monterrey on January 6, so as the week progresses I expect to post minor updates.  You can subscribe to an email notice of these at the Year A Epiphany Downloads page.  The thesis for sermon is that Powers of Darkness are active in our world; and God calls and empowers followers of Jesus to live as citizens of God’s Kingdom while residing at postal addresses in the kingdom of this world.  My primary source for the Powers material is Powers of Darkness by Clifford Arnold.   This sermon is an integration of one that I preached in a Powers of Darkness series and the Fellowship of Believers concepts in my the Alternate Life series.

The second is "Balancing Private Compassion and Social Justice," based on Isaiah 58.1-12. It teaches about God’s call on his people to lives of private compassion, social justice, and mellowness of heart. I preached this first in 2005 for a special Local Compassion Sunday at New Life. My primary source was The Holy Longing (chapter 8) by Ronald Rolheiser, a Roman Catholic writer.

The third sermon is "Anger Management," based on Matthew 5.21-26 and Ephesians 4.26. This one is designed to help people manage their own anger. It unpacks a five step process for managing our anger without sinning.

There are a 2 more Sundays in Epiphany this year, and I'm sure I'll post at least a sermon for the first of these. Stay tuned!