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Epiphany sermons for Feb 20, 27

posted Feb 11, 2011, 1:59 PM by Tim Isbell   [ updated Dec 18, 2012, 3:23 PM ]
Here are sermons for the 7th and 8th Sundays of Epiphany, but of course you can use them anytime.  Hope you find them useful.  To view or download them, go to Sermon Chart and look in the left hand column for the Lection Week #'s A13 and A14.  If you prefer to sort this list by biblical text, just use the sort button in the Scripture column.  Here's a synopsis of these last two sermons of Year A's Epiphany.

7 Epiphany: Gossip, Slander and Coarse Language

This is from a series titled "An Interactive Message on Character and Conduct in the New Life."  This particular sermon focuses on God's call on Christ-followers to speech that is humble, true, and loving – this precludes gossip, slander, profanity and coarse language.  This one uses Leviticus 19.1-18 and Ephesians 4.29.

8 Epiphany: Three Ways Christians Give

This sermon works with the question: What is it that Mary in John 12, the widow in Mark 12, the Philippians… and some of us have in common?  The answer: they all were givers.  God is pleased to receive sacrificial and regular gifts as from the widow, lavish gifts as from Mary, and strategic gifts as from the Philippians.  Integrates material from John 12.1-8, Mark 12.38-44, Philippians 1.3-5, 4.14-17 and Matthew 6.24-34. 

These complete Epiphany for Year A.  Next comes Transfiguration Sunday, Ash Wednesday, and Lent as we move on toward Easter.  Stay tuned!