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Easter Season sermon ideas

posted Mar 15, 2013, 8:20 AM by Tim Isbell
Here are 17 sermons full of ideas for the 9 weeks of the Easter Season, the most important season in the Christian calendar. These begin with Palm Sunday on March 23 and extend through Pentecost Sunday on May 19. Here are the titles. Just click on the link for more information, including links to the complete sermon notes for every sermon. They are all free.
  • Moving Over
  • Descending into Greatness
  • If Christ Is Not Raised
  • Simply Christian (2-sermon series)
  • Paschal Mystery (2-sermon series)
  • Managing the Gap (3-sermon series)
  • Miracles, Suffering, then Victory
  • It's God's Initiative
  • Moving to Christ-Centered Living
  • Getting Unstuck
  • Life in the Spirit
  • The Down Arrow
  • Too Good to be True
For more information go to Year C, Easter Season.