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Do the math

posted Dec 13, 2015, 9:59 AM by Tim Isbell
One of Robin and my joys in retirement is helping under-resourced middle and high school students get better in math. Each year we have 5-10 students who we pair up with the same number of coaches. We meet one night a week to help students with their math homework. We season the calendar with a monthly dinner, occasional special activities (recent: miniature golfing), and even service projects (recent: Operation Christmas Shoebox and water-sealing 600 sq. ft of brick wall). As our students reach late high school, we help them with college and career strategies. And, in any ways we can, we cheer them on.

I have a separate Math Coaching website to support this work. Recently I posted four web pages to help our students - especially those in Algebra 2. If you know an Algebra 2 student right now, they're probably studying for first semester finals and they might benefit from the four links below. Or, if you're just curious about what Common Core high school math looks like these days, check out the links below:

So why post this on IsbellOnline? 

Partly just because some of you might also like math and teenagers and will consider giving something like this a try near where you live - whether it's math, or focused on some other subject area. While the Math Coaching website is primarily for our students and coaches in west San Jose, California, I also designed to help anybody get started in something like it. So check out the whole site by just typing mc.isbellonline.org into any browser.

Or, Contact Tim.


Tim Isbell