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December Sermon Ideas

posted Nov 23, 2012, 3:19 PM by Tim Isbell

Now that Thanksgiving is history it's time to prepare for Advent, which begins on December 2! In anticipation, I've been working on several sermons for the 4 Sundays in December. You will find them at Year C Advent, Christmas and New Years. For sure, you will find ideas that you can use; you may even find a complete sermon to "make your own" and preach. Have at it! 

If you're a regular user of my preaching materials you'll notice some incremental improvements, particularly within the sermon notes files:

  • Cleaner text formatting.
  • The first-page header now includes links to the relevant lectionary season and sermon series (where the sermon is part of a series).
  • The footer now includes a link back to this website. Now when a person discovers one of my sermon notes files without coming through my website, they can find the source of more sermons and other resources.
  • The Other Resources table at the end of each sermon notes file provides inks to Presentation Files (which are almost always available),
  • ... and handout files (which are occasionally available),
  • ... and pointers/links to the Audio files.
So now, everything pertinent to the sermon is in or linked to the sermon notes file. Over time I'll back-annotate these improvements to Years A and B, but probably not until that year comes up on the calendar.

There are now a lot of sermons listed on the Complete Sermons List. By default, these sort by the calendar week (the left column in the table). But you can sort by any column! So if you want to see a list of sermons by biblical book, for example, just sort on that column.

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Tim Isbell