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Christian Freedom is not an oxymoron

posted Feb 8, 2017, 8:30 PM by Tim Isbell
God invites Christians to live each day in the freedom and reality of sons and daughters of God, spontaneously responding to the challenges and call of God in every unforeseeable, concrete moment. The gospels describe Jesus living this way, unbound by the rules of religious experts. Instead, he acted out of the freedom of a trinitarian love affair with the Father and the Spirit. The Spirit helps mature Christians live and make choices in much the same way - in the context of a personal relationship with Jesus more than just adhering to a set of religious rules. As we live like this, we discover that we are keeping the 
essence of the Law without focusing on it. So why did God give us the Law in the first place? Because the Law is an essential tool that guards us as it leads us deeper into a relationship with Jesus.

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