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Beyond Conversion - the personal journey toward Christlikeness

posted Sep 25, 2017, 7:36 PM by Tim Isbell
More than anything I've written, this post captures seven decades of thinking deeply about a life spent following Jesus. And it captures the enlightenment from decades of processing this subject with wiser and more thoughtful Christians than myself. Perhaps most important, this post explains the central truth God has taught me over a lifetime of imperfectly following Jesus.

So, if you self-identify as a Christian but wonder, "Isn't there more?" there probably is. This post describes the "more" I've found.

Or maybe you reject Christian faith because you notice hypocrisy among so many self-identified Christians. I notice this, too. If that's you, please read this post. It describes the authentic Christian life that lies beyond conversion. I'm hoping it intrigues you enough to look again, or deeper, at Christian faith. If you don't find the post attractive, lay it aside - even better, click on contact Tim and tell me your thoughts. 

Here's a snippet about the post: After conversion to Christian faith, nobody follows God perfectly. Willpower and other human strategies do not produce hearts that beat like Jesus’ heart. But God’s redemptive loop does; it leads us to an increasingly intimate relationship with Jesus where our hearts beat more and more like his. For more about authentic Christian faith, check out Beyond Conversion - 1.

Blessings, Tim