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A Primer for people new to American politics

posted Jul 12, 2016, 2:57 PM by Tim Isbell   [ updated Aug 1, 2016, 4:46 PM ]

I trade many texts with an Asian-American friend regarding investment strategies and Christian spiritual formation. When texting about the impact of the United Kingdom's Brexit vote on investing, my friend asked several questions about U.S. politics and the upcoming election. He wanted to understand the landscape of American politics so he could factor it into his investment decisions. 

In the process of helping this and another international friend get up to speed in American politics, I realized that many new people are registering to vote in the November elections. Some of these are internationals who are now citizens; others are responding to the campaigns of Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. And some long-time voters may just want a refresher. If this is you, then I hope you will take a look at Political Primer 2016.