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6 Giving Pockets

posted Dec 26, 2013, 9:00 AM by Tim Isbell
This is a post designed for local church pastors and leaders:

There are 6 giving pockets distributed throughout most churches. Each pocket holds money earmarked, often sub-consciously, for particular needs/ministries. Each parishioner has some of the 6; those with the "gift of giving" have several. Parishioners like their church vision to extend to some of their broader interests. So when you open an opportunity to donate through the local church they probably will. But if money dwells in their pockets too long they are likely to look for another channel to donate to that need/ministry.

Assuming your church has a meaningful ministry in these 6 areas, every few months or so it makes sense to open an offering to fund one of them. Sometimes it's a significant, polished appeal; many times it's just a note in the worship folder or newsletter. When parishioners notice a clean "ask" for donations that fit one of their pockets, they give generously. Especially the "givers." As this happens, it encourages the whole church.

For a description of the 6 pockets, and some help in appealing to them, click 6 Giving Pockets.



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