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3rd Post on Personal Finance

posted Mar 14, 2013, 2:01 AM by Tim Isbell
Hi again!

Earlier this month I sent out 2 posts on the Investments section of Personal Finance. These included quite a bit of challenging material which you may not have had time to fully digest yet. That's okay. They're on the website for whenever you can get to them.

This third post brings the Investments section to a good stopping point, at least for a while. This one covers:

  • Asset Allocation. The main page here is extremely important to investing. It was getting too long, so I off-loaded some of the detail to two (optional) sub-pages. 
  • How to Buy Stocks/Bonds. This page walks beginners through the process of setting up an investment account and actually purchasing some shares.
The process of writing these section caused me to also enhance some other pages, particularly the Glossary.

As for what part of Personal Finance to develop next... I'm not sure. Over the next week or two I have a couple of non-finance posts to get out (sermon material for the Easter season, and a pointer to a great website). During that time I'll think about what Personal Finance section to work on next. Suggestions welcome!

Love to hear from readers!
Tim Isbell