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2011 Year A Epiphany Sermons

posted Dec 29, 2010, 4:23 PM by Tim Isbell   [ updated Dec 18, 2012, 3:06 PM ]

I just posted another set of 5 sermons for use anytime, but which are packaged together because they fit scriptures in the upcoming 5 weeks of Epiphany (January 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30).  You can find the detail of these sermons at Sermon Chart, then look in the left hand column for the listings for Lection Week #'s A06.5 through A10.  These all include complete sermon notes, many include a PowerPoint file, and some even have an audio recording.

Here's a quick synopsis to help you determine if it's worth your time going into my site for the detail...

The first sermon is "Epiphany - an AHAH Experience." It's based on the wise men story in Matthew 2.1-12.  It develops 4 core dimensions of church life in 4 unforgetable pictures, and does it in "pictures" using people from the congregation.  It's a very good way to start the year.  And these pictures (or ones like them that you develop) are spectacular format for capturing whatever is your church vision or mission in pictures that transcend language.  At New Life these four pictures were ingrained in the heads of nearly everyone in all 3 congregations, playing a key role in keeping us all "on the same page."  At New Life, these were called the "Epiphany in Four Pictures."  An artists rendering of the pictures hangs above the worship center entry door and appears in the New Life website.

The second is "Living as the Beloved," based on the Baptism of Jesus story in Matthew 3.13-17 and also using the communion passage in Matthew 26.26-30.  It flows from Henri Nouwen's Life of the Beloved.  I haven't preached this one before, but plan to do so on January 9 in Concord Christ Community Nazarene Church (Concord, CA).  Because of this I will almost certainly revise the sermon notes over the next few days.  You can subscribe to these revisions, meaning you'll get an email notification every time I upload a revised file.

The third sermon is "Intimate Ally," based on John 1.35-46.  This one encourages people to "soul satisfaction" as a reasonable expectation in this life.  It nurtures this soul satisfaction through the practices of soaking in scripture, experiencing silence, solitude, and real prayer.

The fourth is "What Kind of Old Person Do You Want to Become?," based on Psalms 27.4-6.  This is an attractive topic for people at or beyond mid-life.  But I've found that it's also very good for younger listeners because it teaches the kind of life-practices that are really powerful if started early in life.  This one leans on Gordon MacDonald's book The Life God Blesses.

And the fifth sermon is "Why Prophets Are Cranky," based on Micah 6.1-8.  This question bothered me for a long time, where my curiosity ranged from the biblical prophets to how to deal with cranky parishioners.  If you want to discover a fresh way of dealing with the biblical prophets, or cranky parishioners, you'll want to at least read through these sermon notes.

I know there are a few more Sundays in Epiphany this year, but I figured I'd better get these first 5 posted!

Happy New Year,