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1 Update and 2 New Adds to IsbellOnline site

posted Aug 27, 2010, 7:36 PM by Tim Isbell   [ updated Aug 13, 2011, 9:10 AM ]
I just freshly updated the 4 week preaching series, The Alternate Life.  I've newly added the 2 week preaching series, Paschal Mystery.  And I've newly added the church resource in this web site, Adding a School to your Church Site.

Alternate Life

I took a close look at the preaching notes attached to The Alternate Life series and realized that they worked for me but needed some improvement to be really useful to someone else.  So I completed this and the new notes are now attached.  The Alternate Life is a strong series to help people grasp what we mean by living in the Kingdom of God in this life.  It is also a very strong series for communicating how a local church is designed to function and fit into the wider Christian tradition.

Paschal Mystery

The newly added Paschal Mystery describes the central mystery of Christian faith as a process of transformation where we, after undergoing some kind of death, receive new life and new spirit.  Designed as a 2 sermon series for Easter and Pentecost Sundays, it can easily fit into the calendar almost anywhere and be preached on sequential Sundays.  While I developed this series a couple of years prior to The Alternate Life, it is a good sibling to it.

Adding a school to your church site

New Life Nazarene Church (Cupertino) has two weekday ministries: a non-profit Christian preschool ministry incorporated under the church, and a a for-profit corporation that leases space from the church.  Since I served as senior pastor of New Life from 1993-2010, churches considering adding a school to their campus occasionally contact me for advice.  So I decided to pull together some a laundry list of things I’ve learned about preschools, daycares, and after-school programs.  If you are considering adding a school, or if you already have one running, I think you will find some helpful items in this set of web pages.