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Volunteer Management

Tim Isbell (April 2011)

Looking for a more effective and efficient way to manage volunteers in your organization? Then this post is for you.

At the Rotunda Software you’ll find 3 products:

  • Ministry Scheduler Pro.  This version is specially tuned for worship services.  It syncs with most church management software.
  • Volunteer Scheduler Pro.  This version is more shift-oriented.  In addition to managing volunteers around various church functions, it is also good for managing shifts in preschools where licensing requires specific coverage at all times.
  • Volunteer Scheduler Pro for Events.  This one is tuned for managing conferences and one-time events.

About ten years ago a golfing friend of mine decided to follow Christ. Until then Rich attended church once or twice a year. Over the next couple of years he became increasingly active – even joining a weeknight home Bible study. It was great watching him grow in Christ.

Eight years ago Rich and his wife moved to Henderson, Nevada – and I was concerned for his spiritual growth so far away. But God is faithful and soon they became fully engaged in a fast growing church that is now rather large. He serves as the volunteer coordinator for greeters and ushers in their church of 1,500 weekly worshipers. Every weekend he arranges the schedules for the ushers and greeters in 3 services.  This involves over 100 volunteers, each working 2 times each month (on average). When I heard this I was so grateful to God for giving my friend such a wonderful ministry.At the same time I was puzzled at how in the world he manages so many volunteers every month! 

Recently another golfing friend and I drove to Las Vegas to play golf with Rich and another friend also now living there. All three of these guys were fairly new Christians when they left New Life Church in Cupertino a few years ago. While visiting Las Vegas, Rich explained how he coordinates the schedules so many volunteers: he uses a Rotunda Software product. He gave me a demo; I hopped on the Rotunda Software website and browsed around, and then talked with their representative on the phone. Before visiting Las Vegas I was not even aware such software existed. This product is so interesting that I decided to pass along the link to my readers/subscribers. I doubt that this software has much application in churches of under 30 people, or so. But above that, and especially if your church pays a staffer (including you senior pastors!) that spends more than a couple of hours a week managing volunteers (of any kind, not just ushers and greeters but choir members, children's teachers, volunteer staffing for one-time events such as conferences and retreats, etc.), I hope you’ll check put Rotunda Software.  Not only does this software make a messy job manageable, it saves money by making volunteer coordination more efficient – a LOT more efficient.  And your volunteers will love it.

Rich has about 3 years experience using the Ministry Scheduler Pro to manage volunteers for ushers/greeters and some special events. So clearly, if you buy/subscribe to the one that best suits your primary need you can also make it fit adjacent needs.

For more information, browse the Rotunda Software website; be sure to watch the demos. You can download a free copy to try for 30 days. If you want to talk with Rich, let me know; I can probably set up a connection for you.

In case you're curious, I do not get any sort of commission from this. I’m just passing something along that is sure to help some people. One last thing, if you have experience with this or similar software, please let me know about it.


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